Uncommon Divas

Our local guild, Uncommon Threads retreat was this week-end so the next few posts will be about the retreat. First of all, the Challenge block. If you saw my post about the challenge fabric, we were to make a 12″ block using this fabric.

I asked for suggestions/ideas and you all suggested lava lamp, butterflies, 70s, and then someone said they saw hair. So I decided to try a Diva  (the retreat theme) and use this challenge fabric for her hair. Here was the final block.

Button earrings, challenge block hair, tape measure hair band holding a rotary cutter and lots of embellishment crystals. (diva like) I was really pleased with the results. When I arrived at the retreat and walked in and saw the other blocks I laughed out loud.Check this out.

Three people saw hair in the challenge fabric. This one was especially cute.

I voted for this one. Really creative.

Here’s some other cute ones.

More about the retreat later. Especially the class with phenomenal instructor  Sharon Schamber. Here’s a preview.


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A couple of cuties

Oh. My. Word.

I had a great time making these beauties. This little diva has a sequins  dress, pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings. But the fascinator is what makes her!! And have you ever seen a cuter monkey face?

Add a boa and voila! She just comes to life, doesn’t she?


The little veterinarian is just as adorable. Complete with monogrammed animal print scrubs, stethoscope made by my DH and her favorite little puppy.

Okay, the puppy is a little scary. Maybe her collar is a little too tight!?

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President’s Block

Every year the outgoing President of our local quilt guild receives a block of her choice from each guild member.  With these signed blocks she puts together a quilt to remember her time as our leader.This year our outgoing president requested basket blocks because she is the local Longaberger basket representative. Here’s my contribution.

I’m always at risk to become known as the “monkey lady.”  This monkey applique is from Designs by JuJu. I just made an applique and cut the lower part off so it would look like it is in the basket. Then I hand appliqued the pin cushion and details.

I’m one project closer to starting my Christmas gifts.  Where are you on Christmas gifts?

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The end of a great week

Today I did my first machine embroidery on the new Brother machine with great results.

I started off slow and started a sampler of the available fonts on the machine.

After getting bored with this I decided to try an applique design that I had saved to a removable thumb drive. I just inserted the thumb drive into the machine and tried this cutie first.

This is a design from Designs by Juju found here. Next I tried a ladybug from Planet Applique found here.

Cute, huh?  This would be cute on a onesie or dress.

Designs by Juju has a facebook page and I happened upon this entry. I had to buy it right away, stitched it out and it looks like this.

This will make a great Christmas gift. And it sewed up quickly and easily. I think I’ll put it in a cute frame.  Hope you have a Spirit filled Sunday!

Blessings, Ladybelle


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Our local guild retreat is Nov. 9-11. We have a challenge each year and this year I thought I’d ask for some help. We were given this piece of fabric.

My daughter said it looks like one of those lava lamps. The theme of our retreat is Uncommon Divas.  BTW, our guest teacher is Sharon Schamber, internationally known quilter. Check out some of her work here.  Hopefully, after the retreat I will have some exciting things to share about what we learned. Anyway, here are the rules for the challenge.

So, I have to make one block and use some of this fabric. I’m thinking paisley, 70’s, lava lamp, diva.  Do you have any ideas?  I sure could use them right now.


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Neat Pin Cushion/Thread Catcher

I made this little project for a gift exchange for our guild. It sewed together quickly and easily. It’s by Elizabeth Hartman for Sew, Mama, Sew.

I found the pattern and tutorial here. I used uncooked rice and a couple of heavy washers to weight it down.

It should fit nicely right in front of a sewing machine.  I’m always losing my scissors and seam ripper, among other things. I hope the recipient likes bright colors. I do.

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You won’t believe this!

Or maybe you will. Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know I could have a sewing machine that was smarter than me.  (okay, maybe it’s not that hard) But the point is,  check this out.

Have you ever seen anything like this before?  While I was sewing,  a little beep beep sounded and this message appeared. If you haven’t been following me recently, I just purchased a new Brother Quattro 2 sewing machine like this.

It’s not only beautiful, I’m totally blown away by the numerous, practical features, like thread cutting and needle threading and now this surprise.

Me and the little sad face above are going to be the best of friends. 🙂

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