Enough for now

I have six sue/fred blocks now and I think I’ll make a little girls quilt.

Find these designs here and here.  I want some pretty pastel print but not too busy it takes away from the blocks. Any ideas for fabrics?

About ladybelle

I'm a wife, mother and grandmother and I love to make things, especially sock monkeys. They're great for all kinds of gifts, birthdays, baby showers, etc. Kids love them and so do adults!! I've made many football players, including Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and Tom Brady, and character monkeys like Rainbow Brite and the Grinch. Look at some of my favorites and email me with your requests at ladybelle1234@yahoo.com
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One Response to Enough for now

  1. Allie says:

    Those are just way too darling – yep, time to make a quilt!

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