On to Sunbonnet Sue

This week’s project will be to complete as many Sue and Fred blocks as possible.

I found these designs at Embroidery Library several months ago and I’m embarrassed to say how many I bought. The problem has been finding a background fabric that can support the dense design and the fact that each design takes about 3 hours to complete.

They’re just so cute, though. I have found that I can do other things in my sewing room while they stitch out–like clean it up. 🙂


About ladybelle

I'm a wife, mother and grandmother and I love to make things, especially sock monkeys. They're great for all kinds of gifts, birthdays, baby showers, etc. Kids love them and so do adults!! I've made many football players, including Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and Tom Brady, and character monkeys like Rainbow Brite and the Grinch. Look at some of my favorites and email me with your requests at ladybelle1234@yahoo.com
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6 Responses to On to Sunbonnet Sue

  1. quiltaholic says:

    I suspect you didn’t buy as many Sunbonnet Sue embroideries from Emblibrary as I did. Luckily there was a year they had them on special every week but I doubt I will ever do them all. There is something compelling about them but as you say the quantity can be embarassing.

    • ladybelle says:

      Okay, I’ll admit it to you. I bought 39 all in one week-end for $1 each. 19 for my daughter (around the world) and 20 for me. She’s finished 3 and I’ve finished 2. What kind of background fabric are you using? I’m having trouble with puckering.

  2. jo ann says:

    I see another baby quilt in the future. These will be adorable.

  3. ladybelle says:

    You’d think I would finish my other Sunbonnet Sue first

  4. Allie says:

    Those are just adorable!!! I’ve had trouble with the Native American Creation STory pack, oh the puckers – yes, some of their designs are VERY dense. The gal there told me to try a thicker fabric, like a home dec, but why would I do that for what they sell as a quilt pack? I’ve never seen a quilt made from home dec fabric, lol. I ended up using 3 layers of stabilizer, tear-away, and even though I still had some issues, I decided it was good enough.

  5. ladybelle says:

    I tried criss-crossing the stabilizer like you suggested and that worked pretty good. I’m using white twill.

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